The Department of Marine Biology is the academic counterpart of the Marine Science Faculty.  It offers a formal teaching program at the department in the fall and spring terms, providing courses in marine biology at the graduate and PhD courses levels. If you are a Junior, Senior, or New Graduate Student in Engineering and the Sciences including Biology, Zoology, Marine Biology, the Graduate School invites you to attend their an international 1 year master degree program. DEGREE PROGRAMS The Department offers M.S. degree programs in Marin biology.  Students are expected to have completed the baccalaureate degree in one of the natural sciences. Graduate students normally spend an academic year on the TMU campus. Thereafter, they take specialized marine courses and conduct thesis and dissertation research at the Marine Science department. 
The total number of graduate students has been 17 masters and (as of 2013) and admits 7 MSc. Ph.D. Admission is in the scope for the year 2017 onward. The Department of Plant Breeding at TMU has 5 faculty members (having 2 Associate professors and 3 Assistant Professors) in various research fields.
Research Fields:
Marine Biology; Marine Ecology; Species Diversity; Marine Biotechnology; Ecophysiology
Cell &Tissue Culture; Cellular & Molecular ; Histology & Immunology; Microscope lab
List of majors offered for fall 2017/Spring 2017:
Invertebrates Biology
Marine Ecology
Marine Animal Species Diversity
Marine Biotechnology
Marine animal Ecophysiology