Advanced Cytogenetics, (PhD)
Applied Plant Breeding, (MSc)
Plant Breeding, (none)
Cell Biology, (Graduate Course)
Genetics & Botany, (Graduate Course)
Computer Application in Biotechnology, (MSc)
Computer Application in Statistical Analysis, (MSc)
Computing, (Graduate Course)
Cytogenetics, (Graduate Course)
Cytogenetics, Biotechnology, (MSc)
Cytogenetics, Plant Breeding , (MSc)
Methodology of Research, Animal Science, (MSc)
Methodology of Research, Plant Breeding, (MSc)
Methodology of Research, Sea Biology, Grassland, Wood Science and Industry, Watershed, Forestry & Fishery, (MSc)
Plant Breeding, (PhD)
Plant Breeding, (PhD)
Principles of Crops Evolution, (PhD)
Special Problem, Plant Breeding, (MSc)
statistics (Minitab Software), (Graduate Course)