Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Department of Polymer engineering

Alireza Sharif

First NameAlireza
Teacher GradeAssistant Professor
Permanent Phone(not set)
Email Addressasharif@modares.ac.ir
Effect of surface modification of bentonite nanoclay with polymers on its stability in an electrolyte solution Polym. Sci. series B, 54, 61, 2012.
Morphology, nanomechanical and thermodynamic surface characteristics of nylon 6/feather keratin blend films: an atomic force microscopy investigation Polym. Int., 61, 646, 2012.
Effect of stabilizer on the mechanical, morphological and thermal properties of compatibilized high density polyethylene/ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer/organoclay nanocomposites Mater. Des., 33, 273, 2012.
Improvement of CO 2/CH 4 separation characteristics of polyethersulfone by modifying with polydimethylsiloxane and nano-silica J. Polym. Res., 19, art.no.9916, 2012.
Fabrication of a novel polyethylene/starch blend through mediation of a high-energy ball milling process: Mechanical properties and formation mechanism.J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 128, 145, 2013.
Synthesis and characterization of thiolated carboxymethyl chitosan-graft-cyclodextrin nanoparticles as a drug delivery vehicle for albendazole J. Mater. Sci., Mater. Med., 24, 1939, 2013.
Prediction of proton conductivity of graphene oxide-containing polymeric membranes Int. J. Hydogen. Enerergy, 39, 1760, 2014.
Functionalized graphene oxide/polyimide nanocomposites as highly CO2- selective membranesJ. Polym Res., 21, 2014.
A thermodynamic approach to model proton conductivity of Nafion-117 membranes: Temperature and water content effects J. Electrochem. Soc., 162, F1096-F1100, 2015.
Effect of the incorporation of sulfonated chitosan/sulfonated graphene oxide on the proton conductivity of chitosan membranes J. Power Sources, 306, 541, 2016.
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