Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Department of Polymer engineering

Mehdi Razzaghi-Kashani

First NameMehdi
Teacher GradeAssociate Professor
Permanent Phone(not set)
Email Addressmehdi.razzaghi@modares.ac.ir
Alimardani M. Razzaghi-Kashani M., Karimi R., and Mahtabani A.  Contribution of Engagement and Energetic Interaction in Reinforcement of SBR-Silance-Treated Silica, Rubber Chemistry and Technology: 89, No. 2, 292-305 (2016)
Faramarzi I., Razzaghi-Kashani M., Improvements in tribological properties of polyamide 6 by application of aramid pulp, Iranian Polymer Journal, 24, 329-335, (2015)
Hosseini M, Razzaghi-Kashani M., Vulcanization Kinetics of Nano-silica Filled Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Polymer, 55, 6426-6434, (2014).
Pourhosseiny M-R, Razzaghi-Kashani M., Effect of silica particle size on chain dynamics and frictional properties of styrene butadiene rubber nano and micro composites, Polymer 55, 2279-2284, (2014).
Samadi A., Razzaghi-Kashani M., M-H-N Famili, Desigin, Construction, and Evaluation of a Modified Rolling Pendulum to Measure the Energy Dissipation in Rubber, Polymer Testing 35, 56–61, (2014).
Razzaghi-Kashani M., Fakhar, A. M. Mehranpoor “Improvements in Tribological Properties of Polyoxymethelene by Aramid Short Fiber and Polythetrafluoroethylene”, Iranian Polymer Journal, 22, 53-59 (2013).
Sepehri A., Razzaghi-Kashani M., Ghoreishy, M.H.R., Vulcanization Kinetics of Butyl Rubber-Clay Nano-composites and Its dependence on Clay Microstructure”, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 125, E204–E213 (2012).
Razzaghi-Kashani, M., Behazin, E., Fakhar, A. “Construction and Evaluation of a New Tribometer for Polymers”, Polymer Testing, 30, 271-276, (2011).
Javadi S., Razzaghi-Kashani M., Gharavi N.., “Dielectric Properties of Silicone Rubber-Titanium Dioxide Composites Prepared by Dielectrophoretic Assembly of Filler Particles”, Smart Materials and Structures, 19, 035019 (2010).
Samadi A., Razzaghi-Kashani M., “Effects of Organo-clay Modifier on Physical- Mechanical Properties of Butyl-Based Rubber Nano-composite”, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 116, 2101-2109 (2010).
Razzaghi-Kashani, M., Gharavi, N., "Effect of Organo-Clay on Dielectric Properties of Silicone Rubber", Smart Materials and Structures, 17, 065035, (2008).
Razzaghi-Kashani M, Hassankhani, H., "Improvement in Physical-Mechanical Properties of Butyl Rubber with Montmorillonite Organoclay" , Iranian Polymer Journal, 16, 671-679, (2007)
Gent A. N., Razzaghi Kashani M., Hamed H., “Why Do Cracks Turn Sideways?” Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 76, 122 (2003)
Gent A.N., Razzaghi Kashani M., “Energy Release Rate for a Crack in a Tilted Block” Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 73, 818 (2000)
Razzaghi Kashani M., Padovan J., “Simulation of Surface Flaw Propagation Associated with the Mechanical Fatigue Wear of Elastomers”, Rubber Chemisty and Technology, 71, 214 (1998).
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