Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Department of Polymer engineering

Mohammad Hossein Navid Famili

First NameMohammad Hossein
Last/Family/SurnameNavid Famili
Teacher GradeAssociate Professor
Permanent Phone(not set)
Email Addressnfamili@modares.ac.ir
The effect of pressurized and fast stabilization on one step batch foaming process for the investigation of cell structure formation,MMM Shirvan, MHN Famili, MS Alkuh, A Golbang.The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 112, 143-152, 2016.
The relationship between electromagnetic absorption properties and cell structure of poly (methyl methacrylate)/multi-walled carbon nanotube composite foams,MS Alkuh, MHN Famili, MMM Shirvan, MH Moeini,Materials & Design 100, 73-83, 2016.
The Effect of Foaming Process on the Radar Absorbing Properties of PMMA/MWCNT Composites, MS Alkuh, MHN Famili, MH Moeini,Science and Technology 28 (3), 189-195, 2015.
Highly nanofilled polystyrene composite Thermal and dynamic behavior, H Kourki, MHN Famili, M Mortezaei, M Malekipirbazari, MN Disfani, Journal of Elastomers and Plastics, 2015.
Prediction of the viscoelastic response of filler network in highly nanofilled polymer composites, H Kourki, M Mortezaei, MHN Famili, Journal of Composite Materials, 2015.
Filler networking in the highly nanofilled system, H Kourki, M Mortezaei, MHN Famili, Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, 2014.
Preparation of synthesized sulfide polymer through phase-transfer catalyzed polycondensation of ethylene dibromide and sodium tetrasulfide: characterization, thermal and rheological properties, M Kalaee, H Mahdavi, MHN Famili, Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 35 (4), 373-381, 2014.
Design, construction, and evaluation of a modified rolling pendulum to measure energy dissipation in rubber, A Samadi, MR Kashani, MHN Famili, Polymer Testing 35, 56-61, 2014 .
Preparation of polyvinylchloride membranes from solvent mixture by immersion precipitation, Z Maghsoud, MHN Famili, SS Madaeni, Journal of Applied Polymer Science 131 (8), 2014.
Open-celled microcellular foaming and the formation of cellular structure by a theoretical pattern in polystyrene, M Enayati, MHN Famili, H Janani, Iranian Polymer Journal 22 (6), 417-428, 2013.
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