Faculty of Biological Sciences

Department of Nanobiotechnology

Elnaz Tamjid

First NameElnaz
Teacher GradeAssistant Professor
Permanent Phone(not set)
Email Addresstamjid@modares.ac.ir
E. Tamjid, A. Simchi, “Fabrication of a highly ordered hierarchically designed porous nanocomposite via indirect 3D printing: Mechanical and cellular response”, Journal of Materials and Design 88 (2015) 924-931.
M. Mazaheri, N. Eslahi, F. Ordikhani, E. Tamjid, A. Simchi, "Nanomedicine applications in orthopedic medicine: state of the art", International Journal of Nanomedicine 10 (2015), 6039-6054.
A Nojoomi, E Tamjid, A Simchi, S Bonakdar, P Stroeve, “Injectable Polyethylene Glycol-Laponite Composite Hydrogels as Articular Cartilage Scaffolds with Superior Mechanical and Rheological Properties”, International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials, (2016), under publication.
E. Tamjid, R. Bagheri, M. Vossoughi A. Simchi, “Effect of particle size on the in vitro bioactivity, hydrophilicity and mechanical properties of bioactive glass-reinforced PCL composites”, Journal of Materials Science and Engineering C, 31 (2011) 1526-1533.
A. Simchi, E. Tamjid, F. Pishbin, A.R. Boccaccini, “Recent progress in inorganic and composite coatings with bactericidal capability for orthopedic applications”, Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 7 (2011) 22-39.
E. Tamjid, Bernd H. Guenther, "Rheology and colloidal structure of silver nanoparticles dispersed in diethylene glycol", Powder Technology 197 (2010) 49-53.
F. Ordikhani, A. Simchi, E. Tamjid, “Characterization and antibacterial performance of electrodeposited chitosan–vancomycin composite coatings for prevention of implant-associated infections”, Materials Science and Engineering C, 1 (2014) 41:240–248.
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