Admission Requirements

  1. Application Form (Form Number 1)
  2. A Readable Scan of First Page of Your Passport
  3. A personal Picture
  4. Official Transcript of your scores in Bachelor Degree (for MSc. Applicants)
  5. Official Transcript of your scores in Bachelor and Master Degree (for PhD. Applicants)
  6. Proof of Language Proficiency (English or Persian)*
    *Applicants with no proof of language proficiency need to attend our Persian Language Education Courses after Receiving Final Acceptance.

Note 1: Fill out the application form in English or Farsi and send it along with the documents
Note 2: Please send two valid contact numbers in your application form.
Note 3: PhD applicants should determine the exact type of their program (research-based or taught/research-based)
Note 4: All submitted documents must be valid and have high resolution, otherwise they are not accepted.