1) Tuition discounts for first year students

1-1) Tuition discount for the entire educational period
1-1-1) Students will receive 10% discount on tuition fee in case a close family member (brother, sister, wife or husband, parents or children) is/are concurrently studying at TMU.
1-1-2) Students who are majoring in Persian Language and Literature or fields of study related to Persian language, culture or history of Iran will receive 15% tuition discount. (The list of relevant fields will be announced by the Deputy for academic affairs).
1-2) Discount for the first semester of study
1-2-1) Ph.D. students who have completed their previous level at TMU will receive 30% tuition discount provided their GPA >17. For those applicants with GPA< 17, they will receive 20% tuition discount.
1-2-2) The special committee in charge of tuition can offer up to 30% tuition discount to PhD students who have completed their previous level of study in one of Iran's top universities (the list of top universities will be decided by relevant Ministries).

2) Tuition Discount during Education

2-1) Students who rank first will receive 50% tuition discount for the next academic semester. The applicants' GPA should be >16 in MSc and 17 in PhD and they should have passed all their courses taken at that semester.
2-2) Second top students shall receive 30% tuition discount for the next academic term provided they have passed all their courses in previous semester. (This discount in tuition shall be applicable only to classes with more than 10 students).

3) Notes

3-1) The maximum tuition discount that can be offered to any student / applicant as described in articles 1 & 2 should not exceed 50%.
3-2) The students who do not have the conditions set in articles 1 & 2 above, can submit their requests to the Special Committee in charge of offering tuition discounts.

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